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Both of my daughters are students at Dancer's Studio. This is my older daughter's third studio (relocation purposes) and my younger daughter has always danced at DS. This is a high quality dance studio. The ballet, modern, musical theatre teacher (Miss Cat), while young, has demonstrated herself to be a class act and her choreography has a rich, classic vibe combined with dynamic freshness. The growth in tumbling/acro skill sets in the students this past year can only be attributed to the excellence and expertise in the tumbling/acro instructors. It is obvious other teachers (Miss Alex, Miss Shay, Miss Haley, and Miss Paige) have been trained well in dance themselves and this is due to the skill set they themselves acquired at Dancer's Studio and fostered by the owner, A-Jo Gallagher, the owner of Dancer's Studio and instructor of many genres of dance - she encourages her students to think outside the box (even if that takes them out of their own comfort zone and they get frustrated;-)). She gives opportunities for the students (and parents) to get outside of Clarion - something not all individuals would do if not for AJo. If you are considering this studio, watch the video of the latest recital - the quality of dance instruction will speak for itself. ~AC Love

I do not think I will ever be able to express adequately my gratitude or profound admiration for what the staff at Dancer's Studio is able to accomplish. At this studio, my daughter engages in classes where there is a positive atmosphere, an expectation of disciplined practice, and a challenge presented as attainable with hard work and perseverance. The staff is nurturing and inspiring while still maintaining a professional, engaging, and instructional environment. Aoife thrives under these conditions and has become passionately committed to dance. The staff at Dancer's Studio has refocused her love of learning and shown her avenues of expression that no one else has made available. Because of her participation in Dancer's Studio dance classes, I have gained a new sense of who my daughter is as a person. She is dedicated to being the best she can be right now. She is independent and hugely self-confident. She engages with older dancers = asking them questions, praising them and trying to emulate them. She has turned into a young women with poise, discipline, empathy, conviction, strength, and dreams. She has found a place where she believes in herself and where people believe in her. In short, she has found her "home". I was not expecting that at her young age, but I could not ask for a better "family" to help her navigate her interests and develop her talents. Beyond the world of dance, A-Jo Gallagher is raising young women and men who are compassionate, creative, and courageous. ~Chrissy Boryenace

Just got my daughter Casey's recital DVD and cant believe what an incredible little hip hop dancer she has become in just one year! All thanks to Shay and Haley at DS. I am excited to see what they bring out in her this season! I'm amazed! ~Jody Hetrick

Our daughter has been part of the studio for the past 5 years and we couldn't be happier. She has made many new friends at Dancer's Studio, buy most importantly, she has developed a higher self esteem about herself. The staff, students and other families have welcomed us and made her dance experience a positive one. Our daughter has also participated in many community activities with Dancer's Studio and has loved everyone of them. Not only has she learned to dance at DS, she also has experienced first hand, the joy that dancing can bring to many others in the community. For us, Dancer's Studio is not just a place for our daughter to learn the proper techniques of dance, its also part of our family.    ~Jaime Sherbine

The only regret we have is that we didn't start our daughter sooner. She absolutely loves it!    ~Joanna Cross

My daughter has been dancing at Dancer's Studio for 4 years now and she loves it. It boosts her self esteem and gives her a sense of belonging to a group. The older dancer are great to the young dancers and the teachers don't yell and embarrass children. ~Jennifer McCleary

My daughter loves taking classes at Dancer's Studio. She loves her teachers and the friends she has made during class. She's about to begin her 8th year. ~Heidi Thiel

My daughter loves dancing, and really loves Dancer's Studio, it has helped her in many ways! ~Debbie Howell Rainey

‚ÄčLove Dancer's Studio! My 7 year old granddaughter has been taking classes there for 4 years. We love the instructors as well as the classes. The teachers are very encouraging to the students. If you want a studio with highly qualified instructors for both young children and teenagers, then I would highly recommend Dancer's Studio! ~Brenda Armstrong

My daughter has been attending Dancer's Studio since she was 3, and she loves every minute of it. It just keeps getting better and better each year. The teachers are amazing, so full of energy and patience, and their experience and training is impressive! My daughter has learned so much, and at the same time she is having fun and enjoying her favorite activity. The studio itself is equipped with the room for adults to get work done while waiting (with awesome new hi speed wifi), and space for the kids to work on homework between classes. This studio is an amazing community...a family, where everyone comes together, and we are happy to be part of it! DS U KNOW! ~Amy Baumcratz

I am in the adult hip hop class, first year and absolutely love it. Shannon is a great teacher. ~Amber Stark

My daughter started dancing at Dancer's Studio when A-Jo took it over. It is like her second home. The staff is amazing, the opportunities A-Jo gives the dancers is far above any of our expectations. My daughter went from being shy and backward to being confident and talkative. I truly believe A-Jo has helped her grow into an amazing dancer and young lady. It is worth every penny spent. So happy to be part of DS family. 

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