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Tuition Policies

Due to increasing enrollment, it is important that you register early. You can send in your registration form anytime and then pay by the deadline of your choice. There is a $25.00 one time, non-refundable, registration fee for all new students. This fee is in addition to lesson costs. Parents enrolling their child in unlimited hours of class per week will be billed at a rate of half of the unlimited fee per each additional child per semester.

Families that do not have at least one child who qualifies for unlimited hours per week will be charged by the individual rate per hours of class a week per child.Anyone who is not paid-in-full by September 12, 2019 (Fall Semester) and January 23, 2020 (Spring Semester) will be charged the four payment rate. Spaces in our classes are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. We limit the number of students in our classes. Once payment is received, there will be no refund. If a student must miss more than three consecutive classes due to serious illness or injury, a credit for the classes missed will be issued upon receipt of a doctor's excuse. Payments are not refundable at any time after we receive them. Accounts that fall into arrears for more than 60 days will be denied lessons. Returned checks will have an additional $30.00 handling fee. If included in a competition group accounts must be up-to-date at all times in order to participate. Any student who is absent do to an injury must have a doctor's release before they will be allowed to return to dance. We recommend injured students attend all classes and take notes if possible. Please notify us as soon as possible if you have lost any personal item. We will notify you by email to check the lost and found box before each semester ends. At the end of each semester the remaining items will be donated to Goodwill. Dance is expensive! Please put your name on everything.  

Other Fiscal Policies

Recital costumes are ordered before the end of the fall semester if you do not inform us that your child will not be continuing class in the spring you will still be responsible for the entire costume cost.  Once we order the costumes we cannot get a refund from the company.

Recital costumes will only be distributed to accounts in good standing and with costume payments and tuition balances current. Credits earned through participating in fundraisers will be issued directly to individual accounts and can be used for any charges posted to the account. Cash refunds will not be issued for credits gained through fundraising efforts.

Policy overview

Arrival and Departure-We encourage students to arrive 10 minutes before class starts. For their safety, students should be picked up immediately after class. Please call the studio if you know you are running late. Students may not arrive or leave the studio in dance attire. They must be covered up. Students may not leave the studio without a parent or guardian if 6th grade or younger.

Attendance-Attending class regularly is pertinent to the growth and development of a dancer. All students are expected to attend class promptly and on a regular basis. Furthermore, regular attendance is mandatory for participation in the recital.

Cell Phone Policy-No cell phones or computers may be used during class time (this includes texting). If a cell phone or any other electronic device is found we will try to identify the owner by calling mom or dad in the contact list. If we cannot access this information we will send out an email trying to describe the device. You will be expected to provide proof of ownership.

Dress Code-all students must wear appropriate dance attire and shoes while in class. Dancer’s Studio has a strict dress code in place to observe body alignment. Please refer to our "Dress Code” for specific attire/shoes for each class.

Food Policy-Only water is allowed in the studios. No food, drinks or gum.

Illness-When your child has a fever, please keep them home until their temperature returns to normal. This will ensure that they will be well enough to resume class activities the following week.

Lost and Found-Please mark all dancewear, shoes, and personal items with your child's name in a discrete place with permanent marker. We will make every effort to return lost items; however, we cannot be responsible for any items your child brings to class.

Medical Information- Parents must notify the Owner/teachers regarding children who require an inhaler or other medications during their time at Dancer’s Studio. Please inform us if your child has special needs. All information about our students is kept confidential.

Substitute Teachers-Dancer’s Studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach class.

Termination of Enrollment-In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students, Dancer's Studio LLC, or its staff it may be necessary for the school owner to terminate a student’s enrollment. Reasons for termination of enrollment include the following;

  • Disruptive or dangerous behavior (verbal by students or their parents.
  • Abuse of other children, staff, or school property
  • Inability of Dancer’s Studio to meet the child's needs
  • Inability to maintain a healthy business relationship with parent or student
  • Past due accounts
In the case of any of these circumstances Dancer's Studio will not refund tuition, costumes or any other fees that have been processed.

Fundraisers-fundraiser profits will be put directly on individual account. Profit is used only for costume or tuition.  Any remaining credit on the account will carry over to the next year. Credit cannot be transferred to another student or used for charges other than costumes and tuition. All credits must be used with in one year. If a student stops dancing and they have a credit the credit will be transferred over to Dancer's Studio Scholarship Fund. This fund is solely used to help less fortunate students with their tuition.  

Tuition- - If you pay in full tuition is non-refundable for dropped classes. If payments are received the week after the 10th, there will be a 5% late fee.

Weather Closings-We will not call for weather closing. Please visit our website or Facebook page. The Owner will make a decision on studio closings by 2:00pm and an e-mail will be sent to your family account.

Studio News:

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