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Company Dancer Info

Dancer's Studio provides several different levels of dance. We have recreational dancers, company dancers, and competition dancers.

A Company Dancer is a dancer who wants to experience competition but not commit to competition year round. Typically, a child may be ready to join the Company around the age of 10. In some cases we have students as young as 7 and as old as 13 before they are ready for this. A Company dancer must be enrolled in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz classes. You have to be a student of Dancer's Studio for 12 months before you can be asked to join the Company. In lots of cases we will wait several years to make sure you have the skills needed. The Company dancers receive invitations to join from A-Jo. This typically happens between November and December. 

Studio News:

Spring Semester01-Jan-2018

Welcome back! Spring semester starts Monday, January 15th...